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Personalized nutrition can be a way to promote positive health and nutrition  by providing you with tools that effect behavior change to encourage small every day healthy choices while still having freedom of choice.  Research shows that DNA based personalized nutrition plans increase motivation to change and can improve health status. 


The NOW randomized control trial which was published in August 2020 in The Journal of Obesity indicated that individuals who received personalized nutrition advice had better outcomes at six months than those who did not.(1) From a clinical standpoint this is helpful for individuals who require a percentage of weight loss for medically necessary means such as for a required surgery or to promote fertility in women.

Take a look at the Research Yourself!

(1.) Enhanced long-term dietary change and adherence in a nutrigenomics-guided lifestyle intervention compared to a population-based (GLB/DPP) lifestyle intervention for weight management: results from the NOW randomised controlled trial

How Does Testing Work?

Testing can easily be done in my office with a simple saliva swab which will be mailed out to a lab. When your results are available we will discuss your personalized nutrition recommendations based on your unique genetic profile.

Meal plans and goal setting will be personalized to your report. 

**Through February 2021 testing can be conducted remotely with a shipment

of the test kit to your home due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Want to See a Sample Report?

Click on the reports below to view:

Personalized Nutrition for Fertility Report


Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Report

Personalized Nutrition 70-Gene Health Test

Is My Genetic Data Secure?

Nutrigenomix stores the results of your genetic test

on a secure, 256-bit encrypted server with several levels of

security similar security standards that banks use.

Nutrigenomix is a HIPPA compliant company.


Is this covered by Insurance?

No. Nutrition based genetic testing must be

paid for in cash. It is not covered by insurance.

However, your appointments may be covered by insurance.

How is this different than other genetic tests?

Nutrigenomix does not test for genetic predisposition to certain disease. The test only includes genes related to nutrition and physical activity.  You will learn information on actionable steps to improve your health and nutrition. Other genetic profiles only provide information with no direction on ways to promote your wellness.

How much does it cost?

The suggested retail price of this

Nutrigenomic test is $398.


I am able to offer it to my clients at the

Discounted Rate of $298 + tax.

**This is in addition to the cost of your appointments.

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